why give a hug?

Hugzz is a small gift that represents the giving and receiving of love and good wishes.

It can simply be an encouragement to a friend, a symbol of the bond between partners, a reminder that someone you love is always close and thinking of you.

Hugzz fit anywhere – in your palm, in your pocket, on your desk,  next to your coffee mug – anywhere in hand’s reach and in eye view – it feels good to look at a hug.

Hugzz are great “well-wishers” and can be personalized with your special message using permanent markers. Go crazy.  Be artistic.  Create a unique hug for a unique occasion. Give 50 hugzz with 50 well-wishes to a friend turning 50.

Hugzz is a global symbol that you are committed to improving the world by recognizing each other and making a positive difference.

In the hug lies the seed for a happier and more peaceful world –  a universal hug that is passed from one person, one city, one country to another, each person giving their heart, their hug.
It is an invitation to put the self aside and consider another.

Research shows that hugging reduces stress by boosting the body’s production of oxytocin, the ‘bonding hormone’, while suppressing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, so you feel warm and fuzzy.

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