hugzz stories

You may be interested in this story. I was really having a lot of trouble getting along with my co-worker in our real estate office. It was becoming an ordeal instead of a pleasure going to work and I didn’t know how to change the situation. You gave me a hug, Joan, so I decided to give it to my troublesome workmate. To my amazement, the transformation was almost instantaneous. Whatever friction had existed between us was dissolved by this simple gesture of caring and we get along very well now!

I recently received one of your hugs from a dear friend.  What a fantastic idea and so sweet!  I have it in my car and after a long day at work I have a hug waiting for the drive home. Thank you!
Peace and Love,

I just had to pop downstairs to grab a cup of tea before Maria left from the cafeteria for the day. I came back and there was a beauteous little creature on the counter with your business card. I am so sorry to have missed you, but so glad of your offering as I am not feeling great today.
Kathy Forster

A woman just came in to the store to get seven ‘hugzz’. She had gotten one before for herself, to help her in her grief for the loss of her husband. This time she wanted to share the hugs with the seven people who had really helped her in any way they could to ease her sorrow, so she was having a dinner for them and presenting them with a ‘hugzz’ each.
Rosey, Charmed Gifts and Accessories

Geo, when I was on my way to your place, I dropped in at my favourite raw food restaurant Organic Lives. I noticed that one of the workers was having a bad day. I’m a strong believer of ‘passing it forward’, so I asked her if she needs a hug, and pulled the ‘hugzz’ you gave me out of my purse. The woman was so overwhelmed she teared and held out her arms and we had a good hug!
Nessa V., Singer, Dancer, Healer

My little three and half year old daughter Clara was carrying her two hugzz with her to pre-school and said to me, “Oh dad, here is my hugzz.  Nicola can have my other one because she is my best friend in the whole wide world!” That, I imagine, captures the intention of hugzz, as you mentioned… share a little love :-)
Garry Hunter, General Manager, CONTAC Solutions

On the weekend, a woman came in to the store and saw the ‘hugzz’ and bought one. She went home and thought about it. She had a friend who was in their running group and she was struggling with cancer, so this woman talked to her running group and came back to buy thirty hugs to carry with them when they ran with her!
Christie, Manager, Starfire Gallery Horseshoe Bay

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