Hugzz began 15 years ago in a clay studio in Ontario. Gwen was doodling with a leftover lump of clay and a little hug formed. Others in the studio were delighted with them and wanted her to make little hugs for them. Gwen then hand formed these little hugs for friends and family for years.

Her wish then, as it is now was for the little hug to go out into a world in need of hugs and have them work their magic.

Gwen says, “In 2003 I made a little card to accompany the hug which told my feelings as I made them…

I have been making these little clay people for many years and have gotten many heartwarming comments about them. When I am detailing the tiny heads and hands, I think of who will give the hug and who will receive it.

Could this hug go to a friend to say ‘I am glad you are in my life’? This hug to a wife from a husband to say ‘I love you’? Perhaps this hug could come from a mother to her child in his lunchbox to say ‘have a good day – I love you.’ And this hug may carry sympathy for someone who is grieving.

Keep a hug snug in your pocket. You never know when someone could use a hug.”

Then 3 years ago Gwen moved from Ontario to British Columbia, selling and giving away most of her possessions. She started her new life in Vancouver as Geo. Geo wanted to continue the hugs but the clay she had spent so long finding was only available in Ontario. With no link and no local supplier for clay, Geo allowed the hugs to go dormant until one day, in the fall of 2008, Geo met Joan.

Two visionaries, two compassionate hearts and a whole lot of hugs. With that meeting, the story of hugzz began anew, and with each day, continues to grow.

Hugzz is more than a delightful small sculpture – it is about heartfelt connection. Everyone who receives, gives, holds and accepts the invitation of hugzz is part of the story.

Thank you for joining us. Now you too are part of the hugzz story.

hugzz to you,

Geo and Joan, co-founders of hugzz

Geo Morrow

Geo is creating herself anew in each new day.  Life is a constant adventure in learning and growing for her.  She loves new experiences and new people in her life to enrich her, and above all, she loves to play.  Her most fervent hope is that in her playfulness and lightness of spirit, she will ripple these energies out to others so that we may enjoy more fully this precious life. She knows that sharing hugs is a great way to give joy to others  and her vision is to see these HUGZZ go around the world spreading love.

Joan Bahner

Where I am today, and who I am today is a culmination of where I have been and where I have yet to go.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow is all and the same journey.  This is what my life has taught me this far, and the beauty and the not so beautiful that has accompanied me along the way is of my own choosing.  There are beliefs, truths I hold very close to my heart, and one is that I have an undying faith in man’s creative potential, that we all have it in us to create the greatest good, the greatest joy, and it is ours to share with another.  I am so excited to be on this journey with HUGZZ for HUGZZ is for me a way of sharing this joy, this celebration with all of you.

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