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My Confession

This morning I was writing to my daughter and telling her the story behind the hug video that I posted in the last blog.   I decided to tell it here because it was so enlightening to me:

Hi Carrie,

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support kiddo!  It means a lot to me.  I was so excited when Kate and Peter volunteered to come and help give out hugs and film it.  I was dragging my feet in doing this and Joan was still in Holland so it had to be me alone.  Late in the week I mentioned it to several friends but they were all doing something else.  Besides it was supposed to rain all day.

I woke up that morning intending magic and miracles.  Peter phoned and told me he and Kate would meet me at Granville Island.  Not only did it not rain, but the sun shone near the end!!  We chose a spot right outside the Net Loft.  When we arrived, the magician was just leaving and when we were packing up, the musician busker was just coming.  The people responded beautifully and it really was pure joy.  I will not drag my heels next time.  I will just intend magic and know it is there for me.

What a lesson that day was Carrie.  I will confess the worst moment for me.  When I was leaving Ann’s where I stayed the night before, I was taking many bags and boxes and a huge plastic bag full of colourful baskets for the hugs, red balloons, a large sandwich sign that I had done and then re-done just the way I wanted it and streamers to hang on the trees.  I also had an order to deliver to our sales rep in North Van.  I propped the bag of signs and balloons beside the car as I packed up the trunk – and drove off without it!!  I did not even miss it until I drove into the lot at Granville.  I was totally dejected and now I had to tell Peter and Kate that they had come for nothing.  All I had were the hugs themselves.

My angel friends took this in stride and we marched off to Opus art store and got bristol board and markers.  I had a few ribbons with me that we used to decorate them.  Oh!  I said, I don’t have the baskets to put the hugs in.  No problem says my angel Kate, and off she goes to borrow a large basket from a wool shop nearby.  The rest is now filmed in history…………………..

It just goes to show that people joining together in  common purpose of spreading love make magical things happen.  I still have to pinch myself………

lots of love,


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