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People generally want to help. It’s a simple fact, proven in various studies, that It feels good to help others. However, the media often weigh us down with the news of wars and famine and floods and various traumas everywhere. This often overwhelms people and they don’t know how to make a difference in the face of the enormity of the situation.

I live in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. It is a beautiful city and like all cities, it has it’s poor. Our newspaper The Vancouver Sun has taken on a project that has given the people of this city a way to make a difference. It is growing and growing.

This is how it started. One impassioned letter to the editor from a frustrated teacher about the underfed and under-clothed poor children in her east-end school brought in a huge outpouring of money, clothing and food for this school. The workers in the paper responded by starting an Adopt-A-School Fund for all the schools in the poorer districts of Vancouver. The column reporting on these schools and their donors is right at the front of the paper, so you can read good news with your morning coffee and start your day inspired instead of disheartened.

This is how it grew. There are many ways to help. Mail in a donation, phone it in, donate on-line, text in, even say “like” on Facebook and $4 gets donated right away. Each newly adopted school gets highlighted in the paper with the radio station or company or individual who took on supporting their programs.

Anybody can do this in their town or city. All it takes is the desire to make a difference and a letter to the editor. Why not be the one?

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