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Great changes

Look around us.  People around the world are waking up to the fact that joining together to  achieve their dreams is a very powerful thing to do.

Spontaneous hugging is becoming more and more prevalent and we love this trend!

It has been said before but I can’t help saying it again – you can’t give a hug without getting a hug and what a beautiful thing that is.

Have a wonderful day.


Cherubs – Angels of Love

Hi Geo,
I have a great story to tell.

You know our little busy ‘gnome’ person who rides his bike like a whirl wind throughout the neighborhood? I went to 7/11 tonight to buy a chocolate bar and he was sitting outside asking for spare change. I had decided that whatever change was left from my fiver I would give it to him. As I left the store, he approached me for spare change, having just bummed a cigarette from the guy before me. I gave him the toonie I had in my hand. “just to let you know. I won’t be spending this on this, pointing to the cigarette. I put my hand on his arm and said ‘You spend it how you want to.’
‘No, no, that’s crazy because it will go up in smoke.’
He thanked me and wished me a good night and as he did so he looked me straight in the eyes, just held me there (so few people do that anymore these days) and then he suddenly said, ‘Wait, wait, I have something for you’ and he scurries off to the bushes to pull something out of his bag. ‘I hope you like angels,’ he says as he hands me a tin cookie box with cherubs painted on it.
‘I love angels. You are a sweetheart.’
As we said good night again, ‘God bless’ he said. ‘You too’, I said.

I took the box home and in the elevator I read what was written on the back of the box:

Cherubs – Angels of Love
Innocently playing or causing mischief, the cherub is the symbol of divine happiness and wisdom. Playfully mocking our busy lives and amusing themselves with our loves, their childish images are cherished worldwide.

The next time you hear a delighted giggle and the faint flapping of tiny wings you can be sure that you have been touched by Cupid’s arrow.

What an amazing gift.