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Row Row Row Your Boat

A few days ago I heard an inspirational interpretation of the old children’s song, “Row. row, row your boat”.  This person pointed out how profound the simple message was.

Row row row your boat gently – not hectically or anxiously, just gently – down the stream – not against the current, but in the flow of the river (of life).

Merrily merrily merrily merrily – now why do you think this word is repeated four times?  Let’s have fun as we row our boat through life.  Trust the current to take us along our way.

And finally – Life is but a dream.

Yes.  Life is but a dream.

I will be using this little ditty as my new mantra with a whole lot more appreciation for the wisdom in it.


Hugs help hearts heal

Thanksgiving has just past, and it was a beauty.  I love the fresh smells in the air and the vibrant reds and golds of the trees mixed with the many shades of green.

It’s a time when Canadians love to gather together over good food and good conversation  (Americans just have to wait longer).

In our family you don’t get in the door without a big bear hug and again you don’t leave without another one from everybody.  It’s a great custom, especially if everyone know about the heart-to-heart hug when you both hug to the left side of the other.  That way your hearts are directly aligned.  It may be awkward at first, since most of us are trained not to link hearts, but it feels deeper and more special.

Try it, and remember, when someone is hurting inside, nothing beats a warm and caring hug.

Have a great week,