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We are Hugging All of BC

It is so great to have a dynamic Sales Rep who is taking ‘Hugzz’ on the road all across BC.  Theresa had already bought a hug before we connected with her, so we knew she would be the perfect person to spread that good feeling across the province.  She is friendly, vibrant and creative  and lots of fun to have on the ‘hugzz’ team.

Check out our “Where to Buy’ page and if you live in BC you might find ‘hugzz’ are now in your home town.  Of course if you can’t find a store near you, just order directly from the web, or better yet, ask your favourite store to carry our little messengers of caring and sharing!

Don’t forget to hug someone today.

hugzz, Geo

A Little Reminder

I came across this quote in one of my old journals and I don’t even know who said it, but it starts with a hug, so of course it caught my eye!

There is wisdom here, so I am passing it on;

“Hug yourself.  Know that you will always be O.K.  Know that you are loveable just as you are.  Get a pet who will give you unconditional love.  Meet your own highest standards.  Love others without fear, but also without conditions.”

Hug someone today.  Even sending a hug to someone  with your thoughts is powerful for you and for them.



What’s in ‘A Hug’

Let us hug each other in our possibilities of being all that we can be in the here and now. Let us embrace the possibility of us.

As I celebrate your possibilities, I celebrate my own.  As I celebrate your abundance, your radiant joy, your beauty, your unique process, I celebrate my own too.

I celebrate you, I honor you,  I hug you.