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A hug in a moment of need saved a life

I met a couple recently and while we were waiting for the ferry, the man asked me what I do. I told him about our hugzz and he shared this story with me.

The couple had watched a CBC documentary called “Donna’s Story” about a young Cree woman who had a very difficult life and had turned to drugs and prostitution. Her life was going downhill fast. This woman turned her life around and the interviewer asked her what had made the shift for her. Donna said she was soliciting on the street corner one day when a couple with a young child passed her and then stopped a few paces ahead and had a discussion. They came back to Donna and the woman looked her kindly in the eye and asked her, “Do you need a hug?” and with permission, gave Donna a big hug.

This gesture of compassion from one human being to another has the more power than anything else, and it is the power of love.

I am recounting this story second-hand, so some of the details may not be correct, but obviously what touched this man and the most vivid part of the story for him was the profound effect of a hug.

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