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From Vancouver to Holland and Back, with Love

We just got a comment to the news that hugzz had arrived in Holland and it is magical! Daphne wrote to say that she met her boyfriend in Vancouver and his mom had sent with him a hugzz from Isabelle’s store in Holland! How cool is that?

These hugzz go where love is, and it seems especially synchronistic that a hug has travelled all the way to Holland and turned around and ended back here in Vancouver where it was created with love!


When Thanksgiving rolls around, I really like to think about giving thanks. It’s great if we have family to share a feast and good times with and be thankful for the closeness but even those who are far from home, or have no family can find other people in the same boat to share food and companionship with. Sharing is so important. It’s a form of hugging another.

Sometimes we get pretty focused on all the ‘to-dos’ under our nose and forget to smile and say thank you for simple things. I like the way people riding the buses in Vancouver usually say “thanks” to the bus driver when they get off at their stop.

It really is the little things that mean a lot.