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Exciting Changes for Hugs

We are very close to launching our new expanded website with lots more pictures and gift ideas and stories. We love to get your hug stories! One day we will put all these warm tales in a book.

Joan has left for Holland to continue her in-depth painting therapy course, so I am sailing the ship in Vancouver. Joan will find her hug stories there and I will have mine here.

It is exciting to be sponsoring Living Though Loss Counselling. They are wonderful people doing a great service to those suffering loss of any sort. We also support Friends to Mankind, a world-wide organization supporting those who share their bounty with the world.

I am studying Permaculture, a combination of “permanent culture” and “permanent agriculture”. Permaculture uses a set of principles and practices to design sustainable human settlements. It is taught in a way that integrates one’s head, heart and hands – just the way I learn best!

I’ll keep you up to date now with this blog, the hugzz twitter, and our Hugzz Facebook. Please feel free to make comments and add interesting information!

hugzz to you all,


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