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Hugzz are in Holland!!

Hugzz love The Hague

Hugging The Hague

hugzz have arrived in Den Haag (The Hague) Holland where Joan is studying to be an Art Therapist. They are now at

The Earth Collection
Molenstraat 49
2513 BJ Den Haag

owner: Isabelle Weber

The Earth Collection is the first store in Europe to be selling our hugzz! We are very excited. We have envisioned these little peace and comfort symbols going around the world because, of course, hugs know no boundaries. The Earth Collection is full of beautiful colours and fabrics and the owner Isabelle is a wonderful woman, whom Joan enjoys great conversations with.

So the next time you are in The Hague, be sure to drop in and see Isabelle’s wonderful shop and leave with a wonderful new garment and a hug to carry in your pocket on your further travels.

My own hug story

I was biking back from east Vancouver to deliver the bike I had borrowed back to West Point Grey. If you are familiar with Vancouver you will realize that this is mostly uphill, and quite a long bike trip as I was already tired from a full day of activity. I decided to try something new – taking this bike on the bus. What an amazing concept – having a bus carry your bike! However, I knew nothing about how to put it on.

An extraordinarily helpful bus driver stopped the bus, got out, and showed me patiently how to pull down the bike-carrier, lift the bike up and secure it with a bar to the holder, not neglecting to say (with a smile) that this was not in his job description. Needless to say, I was immensely grateful as he had saved me a great deal of biking effort.

Luckily I had a hug in my backpack. I never leave home without one, as I always find someone to give one to in the course of a day. I held it in the palm of my hand, letting the warmth of my gratitude sink into it, and when it came time to get off the bus, gave him the ‘hugzz’. He held it gently in his open palm with surprise and pleasure and said with a grin, “well I guess now I have to help you get the bike off!”

Aren’t people great?

Exciting Changes for Hugs

We are very close to launching our new expanded website with lots more pictures and gift ideas and stories. We love to get your hug stories! One day we will put all these warm tales in a book.

Joan has left for Holland to continue her in-depth painting therapy course, so I am sailing the ship in Vancouver. Joan will find her hug stories there and I will have mine here.

It is exciting to be sponsoring Living Though Loss Counselling. They are wonderful people doing a great service to those suffering loss of any sort. We also support Friends to Mankind, a world-wide organization supporting those who share their bounty with the world.

I am studying Permaculture, a combination of “permanent culture” and “permanent agriculture”. Permaculture uses a set of principles and practices to design sustainable human settlements. It is taught in a way that integrates one’s head, heart and hands – just the way I learn best!

I’ll keep you up to date now with this blog, the hugzz twitter, and our Hugzz Facebook. Please feel free to make comments and add interesting information!

hugzz to you all,


Hugzz is on Facebook

Hello everyone,

We have joined the very large Facebook family.  Previously we have had the word ‘Facebook’ on our home page, but no link to an actual Facebbook page.  Now, thanks to our computer savvy new friend Robin, we are linked up and holding hands with all you Facebookers out there!  It is very exciting.   We will be showing you pictures and telling you about events that hugzz is involved in and much more.  Stay tuned.

In the next blog I will tell you all about our great connection with Living Through Loss.  Now I am off to twitter and facebook.  Ah! the new words integrated into our language……..