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A new hug story

Show Me Whatcha GotI met with my young talented and gorgeous friend Nessa V yesterday.  She has put out her first CD of her new music and it is very exciting.  She is Brazilian-Canadian and multi-talented.  She sings like an angel, composed her first song at age ten and has not looked back.  She is an experienced dancer as well, trained in Samba, African, hip hop, Capoeira and others.  Check her out at

But I promised you a hug story, so here it is.  I gave Nessa a couple of hugzz when we last got together.  She is a very warm and giving person and feels strongly about “passing it forward”.  When she was in her favourite raw food restaurant, Organic Lives, she noticed that a woman working there was having a bad day.  She asked this woman if she needed a hug, and pulled one out of her purse.  The woman was overwhelmed with the gift and they gave each other a big hug.  Two previous strangers were now connected with love.

That’s what hugs and hugzz are all about!

Wherever you are today and whatever you are doing, think about how you can “pass it forward” with a bright smile or warm compliment.  It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day better!

Wedding hugs – how perfect!

A special hug for a special day

Wedding favours with a loving message

Wedding are a time for sharing love and good wishes.  Our little depictions of two people hugging are wedding favours that say it all.

They can be boxed or decorated with ribbons in the wedding colours or written or stamped with the names of the couple marrying and the date of the special day.  You are only limited by your imagination.

The latest news in hugzz

Today Joan and I sent hugzz out to Kimberley BC and to Montana.  We got a re-order from Utopia an North Vancouver and a personal order, we worked on our new website which looks very dynamic, we had great falafels at Lonsdale Quai and excellent gelato for desert.

Life is good!