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I was on my way home the other day, and I was so hungry. I had a package of frozen turkey in my bag that was for supper and I was thinking about how long it would take to defrost and how hungry I was. It was in this moment that I thought of all the hungry people in the city and I imagined myself as being a hungry person with no money, standing alone in a city surrounded by people eating and I could feel how alone I was in my hunger. And the question screamed at me – what sort of society are we, what sort of world are we, that we accept that we can eat and others can’t? Why do we agree to this? This is a beautiful world, a plentiful world. Let’s work together to make it so for everyone.

Hugs soften hearts

Recently Joan told me a story that her friend, a real estate agent, had passed on to her. This person worked in the same office with a woman she had trouble getting along with. It made going into work an ordeal instead of a pleasure and she didn’t know how to change the situation. Joan had just given her a hugzz, so she decided to give it to her troublesome workmate. To her amazement, the transformation was almost instantaneous. Whatever friction had existed between them was dissolved by this gesture of caring and the two get along very well now.

Even knowing the power of a hug, I am still bowled over by the simplicity of it. So many times a physical hug is too intimate to give to a certain person, but who can refuse a little clay hug, knowing what it symbolizes, and how can that not melt your animosity or soothe your cares?

A Hug from Whistler

Hugzz have arrived in Whistler!

They can be found at The Oracle, 121-4338 Main Street in Whistler Village. Here is Linda Marshall, operations manager, event co-ordinator and wedding planner, outside the store with the hugzz in hand. If she had known I was going to take her picture, she would have worn her red Canada sweatshirt. I’ll warn you next time, Linda. Kelly Oswald, the owner of the store, has brought in many beautiful carvings and unique clothing and gift items. It’s a lush treat to go in and pick and chose from her diverse selection.