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What a journey!

The birth of ‘hugzz’ as a separate being was last July when Joan and I created the ‘hugzz’ company. Now we are coming up to the one year marker and it is a good time to assess where we are and where we want to go from here.
‘Hugzz’ is about the transformation of myself and Joan. It is a huge teacher for us. Joan is learning that she does not have to struggle to have good things come to her. I am learning that my slap-dash way of doing things will no longer serve me and my desire for the fullest of what life has to offer.
I discovered that although I don’t want to work for anyone else, I do not perform well alone. That was obvious to me when Joan was away.
Follow through is sadly lacking in me. I do all the initial contacting and then if I get no response, I move on rather than persevering.
Both Joan and I had unrealistic expectations when we started this venture and now we look back at our projections and laugh. If it had taken off to the degree that we had hoped, we would have been left in the dust because we had so little understanding of the foundation that is needed to successfully launch and maintain a business that you want to go worldwide.
We gave too much money and credence to so-called ‘experts’ – marketers who were a lot of hype and promises and just enough follow-through to keep us on the hook, but they were actually making us do everything while we were allowing them to drain our power. We stuck with them far too long. But again we learned something very valuable. We learned that we need to retain the power in our own hands. We also need to to keep in mind at all times that because we have a product that is not just a commodity but a connection to the heart, we need to approach everything from this perspective.
So here we are, wiser, yes, but also having more fun with it, because that is our goal -that work be fun so that we never need to ‘work’ a day in our lives!

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