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Christie McFee, the manager of this fabulous store calls it “Hugs Central”.

“Starfire Studios” at 6607 Royal Avenue in Horseshoe Bay is a warm and friendly place to visit, as well as a great place to get unique gifts, art and jewelry. etc. Owned by Karen Hood, and run with a big heart by Christie, it has made itself indispensable to the town in the 7 years it has operated.

These are Christie’s words;

“Everybody who comes in here knows it as ‘Hugs Central’ – that’s why they come in. Before you guys showed up with your ‘hugzz’, we were known that way, so when I saw your ‘hugzz’ I thought, OK this solidifies it. This is perfect.
Here’s a story;
On the weekend a woman came through. She saw your ‘hugzz’ and bought one. She went home and she thought, ‘you know, I’ve got a friend who is struggling with lung cancer and she is in our running group.’ So she approached her running group and they decided to buy 30 ‘hugzz’ and all of them are going to carry them with them when they go running with her. So she just called and ordered 30 ‘hugzz’!”

2 Responses to “Starfire”

  1. Carrie says:

    What a great story!!

  2. Hugzz says:

    fantastic story – thanks for sharing!

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