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Hugging my Home

Home is a big theme for me. What makes a house or apartment or city or village feel like home with a capital “H”? Almost four years ago I moved from Ontario to Vancouver and at the first sight of the ocean and mountains I knew I was home. I didn’t own a place then and I don’t now, but that is irrelevant to me. After exploring the many areas of Vancouver, I rented a little garden suite in a house in West Vancouver. Being a restless spirit, I always kept one foot poised to walk out the door and find another place with other attractions. Quite recently that all changed. I strolled down to the beach I love and I thought to myself, ‘this is my beach’, my special muse. I wandered up and down the street of this little Ambleside Village and thought, ‘my bookstore’, ‘my ethnic grocery’. Later that day I suddenly decided to take back the little private garden by the patio from the rampant weeds and create a garden. As I cleared and I dug, I felt a wave of pleasure roll over me. My restless foot stilled. It had a shovel to push now and it felt good to really interact with this wee home and it’s little plot of land. I look around my chosen home now and mentally I hug it. It fits me and I fit it, and a good fit is hard to find.

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