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Ethan plants a hug tree

My six-year old grandson Ethan has been thinking about the hugs quite a lot lately and he decided that it would be a great idea to plant a hug tree, so that we could just pick the hugs off the tree when they were ready.

Joan and I thought that this was a fantastic idea, so last weekend Joan and Ethan went out and Ethan picked the spot he thought would be best, sheltered by a huge pine tree.

He knew, of course, that the hug would have to be buried upside down so that the tree could grow out of the hole at the base of the hug. A hug seed was not to be found anywhere, but this did not deter Ethan. The hug was buried and a circle of rocks placed around it to mark the spot.

Next Joan and Ethan went to the computer and Ethan dictated this poem about the hug tree:


Ethan’s hug tree is a huge tree
It is big and strong you see
Sometimes if you are quiet you will see
How it grows so fast and high

It grows near the water
In the shade of another tree
And it’s branches reach down
To hug you and me

And in the fall
When the leaves turn yellow
The hug tree cones fall to the ground
And they stay there until someone picks them up
And only by people who make ‘hugzz’

If you don’t make ‘hugzz’ or design them
The hug cones are invisible ad you cannot see or touch them
And when you try to pick them up they stay on the ground.

They hide from strangers
Because they like to know who they are hugging.


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