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Guerilla Gardening- truly a "grassroots" movement!

I just discovered that I missed International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day, which was May 1st. Thousands of people around the world pledged to seed rogue sunflowers in their neighbourhood this day.

The Globe and Mail reports that, “The pracise of guerilla gardening originated in New York in the 1970s. According to Richard Reynolds, author of “On Guerilla Gardening” and operator of the site, what began as a whimsical pastime has become a much more politicized movement.”

Just last month in Victoria BC, says the Globe, a ” group of student activists at the University of Victoria dug up a swath of campus land and planted a vegetable garden to protest the school’s lack of communal gardening space and raise awareness around issues of food security.”

This movement has become so popular that in some cases it’s not even really ‘guerilla’ any more. An organization called “Incredible Edibles” in the U.K. is a communal gardening group that works with municipal governments and private citizens to find land on which to grow local food.

To me, this is how true change happens – one person sees a need and forms a group of like-minded people. They get the word out and it strikes a cord with more and more people until in record time, it spreads around the world and flowers of change pop up everywhere
This is the power of one person. One person with one hug in their pocket to pass on to someone in need of a hug, makes that person’s day and they pass it on……..and so it goes.

Hug someone today and you will both have a great day!


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