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hugs are contagious

Just got sent a great music video. It starts out slow and grows and grows and I was in tears at the end because of the warmth and simplicity of it. Here it is

The simple act of offering a hug can thaw the grumpiest of people. Reaching out to another. So simple, and yet there can be so much resistance and distrust at first. How did we get so remote and self-protective?

It’s worth the risk of rejection to get and to give a hug. It’s even better if the hug you give can be snugged in a pocket to remind the person often of how someone cares for them.

4 Responses to “hugs are contagious”

  1. Joan Bahner says:

    Sorry, but this video is blocked in Holland on copyright grounds. Wish I could see it. Love what you wrote

  2. Carrie says:

    I love the moment the first woman gave him a hug! Then the tears just kept coming throughout the rest of the video!

  3. Geo says:

    Carrie, you react the same way I do when I am really touched – the tears start flowing! Keep the kleenex handy. because we have touching stories about hugzz to relate

  4. Heather and Thijn says:

    Great video!

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