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Self-acceptance and self-love

I have been observing that there are a lot of articles and books addressing low self-image. It really is no wonder, as we are constantly bombarded with media images of impossibly beautiful talented and adored people. Are they real? Are their lives as perfect as the articles imply? Should we care?

If we were able to step back from the hype and to give ourselves the love and respect we lavish on others, I feel this would do a lot to balance this world.

It is from this place of fullness that we can truly give, and giving love out openly from a full heart is how we live a full life.

Look in the mirror today and give yourself a big grin and a hug, then go out and hug someone else. You’ll be glad you did!

The Kindness Man

In Vancouver lives a ‘kindness man’ who walks his talk. His name is Brock Tully. With his huge grin, twinkling eyes and unbelievably bushy mustache, he even looks like kindness personified.
His website tells of two monumental cycling trips he did for kindness. Check it out.
He co-founded Kind Acts non-profit society. The site tells of an amazing “coin – spiracy” to encourage children to do acts of kindness.
He formed the World Kindness Concert held every year in Vancouver.
Go to www.oneofakindstories, and you will find that you can go to his concerts held every Monday at Organic Lives Restaurant, 1829 Quebec Street Vancouver. The concert starts at 7 and costs only $5. Get there early and experience a taste sensation – totally fresh organic healthy food prepared with loving care and attention.

He is a man of many talents – inspirational speaker, musician. juggler, magician and athlete. He is married to a kind – and sparkling – woman, Wilma, who cycled every kilomertre of the thousands of kilometres they cycled for kindness, giving talks and interviews along the way to heighten awareness.

Like hugzz, his mandate is to “create a culture of kindness that inspires each of us to be kind and to become the change we wish to see in the world.’

Hugzz salutes both of them!

like hugzz, his mandate is to “create a culture of kindness that inspires each of us to be kind and to become the change we wish to see in the world.’

No place like home

April 22nd -Earth Day. It occurred to me, not too long ago, as I sent my imagination out to all the galaxies in this Universe, the Super Novas, the Star Systems, our galaxy, our planet Earth, that there is no other place in all this vastness that we can live in, as human beings, in the bodies that we hold, in the reality that we inhabit. Earth is truly our home. It is our only home in this whole wide Universe. Think about that. Think about how amazing this is, how beautiful, how sacred. Earth Day is a good day to be in wonderment of this truth, that we and the earth are one, and to honor this heavenly being we call Home. When you place your foot on the ground, know that the Earth is giving you a place to stand.

One person

My dear friend Stacy just sent me a wonderful video from The message, conveyed in beautiful images, was about how holding thoughts of love for the earth and the plants, animals and people on it is a powerful way that each and every person can affect it all positively. One person DOES make a difference. Pass it on.

hugs are contagious

Just got sent a great music video. It starts out slow and grows and grows and I was in tears at the end because of the warmth and simplicity of it. Here it is

The simple act of offering a hug can thaw the grumpiest of people. Reaching out to another. So simple, and yet there can be so much resistance and distrust at first. How did we get so remote and self-protective?

It’s worth the risk of rejection to get and to give a hug. It’s even better if the hug you give can be snugged in a pocket to remind the person often of how someone cares for them.